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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Triterpenoids 1,2,3,19-Tetrahydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 113558-03-5 C30H48O6 504.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 1,3-Diacetylvilasinin 78012-28-9    
Triterpenoids 11alpha,12alpha-Epoxy-3beta,23-dihydroxy-30-norolean-20(29)-en-28,13beta-olide 186140-36-3    
Triterpenoids 11alpha,12alpha-Oxidotaraxerol palmitate 495389-95-2    
Triterpenoids 11beta-Hydroxycedrelone 283174-18-5    
Triterpenoids 12alpha-Hydroxyevodol 120722-04-5 C26H28O10 500.5 Cryst.
Triterpenoids 12-Ursene-3,16,22-triol 1242085-06-8 C30H50O3 458.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 13(18)-Oleanen-3-ol 508-04-3 C30H50O 426.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 13(18)-Oleanen-3-one 20248-08-2 C30H48O 424.7 Cryst.
Triterpenoids 14,17-Epidioxy-28-nor-15-taraxerene-2,3-diol 66107-60-6 C29H46O4 458.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 15-Deoxoeucosterol 81241-53-4    
Triterpenoids 16-Deoxysaikogenin F 57475-62-4    
Triterpenoids 16-O-Acetylpolyporenic acid C 2535-06-0    
Triterpenoids 1beta-Hydroxyeuscaphic acid 120211-98-5    
Triterpenoids 1-Deacetylnimbolinin B 76689-98-0 C33H44O9 584.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 1-Decarboxy-3-oxo-ceanothic Acid 214150-74-0 C29H44O3 440.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 1-Dehydroxy-23-deoxojessic Acid 149252-87-9 C31H50O3 470.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 1-Hydroxy-2-oxopomolic Acid 217466-37-0 C30H46O6 502.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 1-O-Deacetyl-2alpha-hydroxykhayanolide E 1189801-51-1    
Triterpenoids 1-O-Deacetylkhayanolide E 1007387-95-2 C27H32O10 516.6 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,24-Dihydroxyursolic Acid 143839-02-5 C30H48O5 488.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3,23-Trihydroxy-12-oleanen-28-oic Acid 102519-34-6 C30H48O5 488.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3,24-Trihydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 89786-83-4 C30H48O5 488.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3,24-Trihydroxyolean-12-en-28-oic Acid 150821-16-2 C30H48O5 488.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2',3'-Dehydrosalannol 97411-50-2    
Triterpenoids 2,3-Dihydroxy-12-oleanen-28-oic Acid 26563-68-8 C30H48O4 472.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3-Dihydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 52213-27-1 C30H48O4 472.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3-Di-O- methylthiomethyleuscaphic Acid N/A C34H56O5S2 609 Powder
Triterpenoids 2,3-O-Isopropylidenyleuscaphic Acid 220880-90-0 C33H52O5 528.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 20(29)-Lupene-3,23-diol 32451-85-7 C30H50O2 442.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 20,24-Dihydroxydammar-25-en-3-one 75069-59-9 C30H50O3 458.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 20,24-Epoxy-24- methoxy-23(24-25)abeo- dammaran-3-one 1020074-97-8 C31H52O3 472.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 20-Hydroxy-3-oxo-28-lupanoic Acid 93372-87-3 C30H48O4 472.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 20S,24R-Epoxy-dammar-12,25-diol-3-one 25279-15-6 C30H50O4 474.7 Solid
Triterpenoids 21,23:24,25-Diepoxy-21,23-dimethoxytirucall-7-en-3-one 1351617-74-7    
Triterpenoids 21,24-Epoxycycloartane-3,25-diol 125305-73-9    
Triterpenoids 21alphaH-24-Norhopa-4(23),22(29)-diene-3beta,6beta-diol 194613-74-6    
Triterpenoids 21-Episerratenediol 1449-06-5 C30H50O2 442.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 21-Episerratriol 24513-57-3 C30H50O3 458.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 22-Hydroxy-3-oxo-12-ursen-30-oic acid 173991-81-6    
Triterpenoids 22-Hydroxy-3-oxoolean-12-en-29-oic Acid 144629-84-5 C30H46O4 470.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 23-deoxojessic Acid 215609-93-1 C31H50O4 486.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 23-Hydroxybetulin 84414-40-4    
Triterpenoids 23-Hydroxybetulinic Acid 85999-40-2 C30H48O4 472.71 White Powder
Triterpenoids 23-Hydroxymangiferonic acid 232266-08-9    
Triterpenoids 24(31)-Dehydrocarboxyacetylquercinic acid 127970-62-1    
Triterpenoids 24,25- Dihydroxycycloartan-3- one 155060-48-3 C30H50O3 458.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 24,25-Dihydroxydammar-20-en-3-one 63543-53-3 C30H50O3 458.7 Solid
Triterpenoids 24,25-Epoxy-dammar-20(21)-en-3-one 63543-52-2 C30H48O2 440.7 Cryst.
Triterpenoids 24,25-Epoxytirucall-7-en-3,23-dione 890928-81-1    
Triterpenoids 24-Hydroxy-25-ethoxy-3,4-secocycloart-4(28)-en-3-oic acid methyl ester 1392210-81-9    
Triterpenoids 24-Methylenecycloartan-3-ol 1449-09-8 C31H52O 440.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 24-Methylenecycloartane-3beta,26-diol 17020-27-8    
Triterpenoids 24-Methylenecycloartanol Acetate 1259-94-5 C33H54O2 482.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 25-Ethoxydammar-20(21)-ene-3beta,24-diol N    
Triterpenoids 25-Hydroxycycloart-23-ene-3-one 148044-47-7 C30H48O2 440.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 26-Nor-8-oxo-alpha-onocerin 125124-68-7 C29H48O3 444.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 27-Hydroxymangiferolic acid 17983-82-3    
Triterpenoids 27-Hydroxymangiferonic acid 5132-66-1    
Triterpenoids 27-p-Coumaroyloxyursolic Acid 73584-67-5 C39H54O6 618.9 Powder
Triterpenoids 28-Deoxonimbolide 126005-94-5    
Triterpenoids 28-Hydroxy-3-oxoolean-12-en-29-oic acid 381691-22-1    
Triterpenoids 29-Hydroxyfriedelan-3-one 39903-21-4 C30H50O2 442.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 29-Nor-20-oxolupeol 19891-85-1    
Triterpenoids 29-Norcycloart-23-ene-3,25-diol 115040-04-5    
Triterpenoids 2-Epitormentic Acid 119725-19-8 C30H48O5 488.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 2-Hydroxydiplopterol 1193250-54-2    
Triterpenoids 2-Oxopomolic Acid 54963-52-9 C30H46O5 486.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3- Epicabraleahydroxylacto ne 35833-72-8 C27H44O3 416.6 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,19-Dihydroxy-6,23-dioxo-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 261768-88-1 C30H44O6 500.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,21-Dihydroxy-14-serraten-16-one 24513-51-7 C30H48O3 456.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,22-Dihydroxyolean-12-en-29-oic Acid 808769-54-2 C30H48O4 472.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,23-Dioxo-9,19-Cyclolanost-24-en-26-oic Acid 870456-88-5 C30H44O4 468.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,27-Dihydroxy-20(29)-lupen-28-oic Acid methyl Ester 263844-79-7 C31H50O4 486.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,29-Dibenzoyl Rarounitriol 873001-54-8 C44H58O5 666.93 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,4-Secocucurbita-4,24-diene-3,26,29-trioic Acid 329975-47-5 C30H46O6 502.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,4-seco-Olean-12-en-4-ol-3,28-dioic acid 182249-69-0    
Triterpenoids 3,4-Secotirucalla-4(28),7,24-triene-3,26-dioic acid 159623-48-0    
Triterpenoids 3,6,19,23-Tetrahydroxy-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 91095-51-1 C30H48O6 504.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3,6,19-Trihydroxy-23-oxo-12-ursen-28-oic Acid 131984-82-2 C30H46O6 502.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 30-Hydroxylup-20(29)-en-3-one 72944-06-0    
Triterpenoids 30-Oxolupeol 64181-07-3    
Triterpenoids 30-Oxopseudotaraxasterol 160481-71-0    
Triterpenoids 3-Acetoxy-11-ursen-28,13-olide 35959-08-1 C32H48O4 496.7 Cryst.
Triterpenoids 3-Acetoxy-24-hydroxydammara-20,25-diene 143519-04-4 C32H52O3 484.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 3alpha-Acetoxy-20-oxo-29-norlupane-23,28-dioic acid 262272-76-4    
Triterpenoids 3-alpha-Akebonoic Acid 104777-61-9 C29H44O3 440.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3beta-Acetoxy-11alpha,12alpha-epoxyoleanan-28,13beta-olide 35738-25-1    
Triterpenoids 3-Dehydro-15-deoxoeucosterol 81678-46-8 C29H44O4 456.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Epicabraleadiol 19942-04-2 C30H52O3 460.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Epiglochidiol 29028-10-2 C30H50O2 442.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Epiglochidiol Diacetate 6587-37-7 C34H54O4 526.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Epikatonic acid 76035-62-6    
Triterpenoids 3-Epimeliasenin B 1222475-77-5    
Triterpenoids 3-Epiturraeanthin 22415-24-3 C32H50O5 514.8 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Epiwightianol A Tetraacetate N/A C38H60O9 660.9 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Hydroxy-11-ursen-28,13-olide 35959-05-8 C30H46O3 454.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Hydroxy-12-oleanene-23,28-dioic Acid 226562-47-6 C30H46O5 486.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3-Hydroxylanost-9(11),24-dien-26-oic Acid 129724-83-0 C30H48O3 456.7 Powder
Triterpenoids 3'-Methoxyrocaglamide 189322-69-8 C30H33NO8 535.6 Powder