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  • Chemical Name Search - Because chemical names vary significantly, chemical name searches are frequently inconclusive. For this reason, our search engine is designed to provide a nested result. For example, if you are searching for an acid and do not know its CAS Number, executing a search with just the term acid in the Search box will result in a list of all available compounds in the Library with the term acid in their name. Likewise, executing a search with the term alpha in the Search box will produce a list of all entries in which this term occurs. Similarly, if the product you are looking for is Pyridine, you can enter the word Pyrid in the search box and you will receive a list of all Pyridines.

  • Molecular Formula - Expressed as CtHxNyOwSz where t, x, y, w, z represent, respectively, the integer corresponding to the number of atoms of that element in the Molecular Formula, for example: C22H32NO2.

Note that, as with a term that is part of the chemical name, e.g., acid as discussed above, you can alternatively enter a truncation of the chemical formula, e.g., NO2, or a truncation of the CAS Number, e.g., -32.

Note, however, that you cannot simultaneously execute a search using two or more truncated terms, e.g. you cannot search for a truncated CAS Number and a truncated chemical name and/or truncated molecular formula. Thus, specifying -32 and NO2 will not return any results even if there is a compound with -32 in the CAS Number and NO2 in the formula.

In addition to searching, you can also filter your results by chemical class by selecting a chemical class from the pull-down. For example, type acid in the search box and then select Lipids from the pull-down to find all Lipid compounds that have acid as part of their name. If you leave the Search Box empty, you can use the chemical class filter to find all compounds in a class.

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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Terpene (+/-)-Isoborneol 124-76-5 C10H18O 154.25 Powder
Terpene 11,12-De(methylenedioxy)- danuphylline 888482-17-5 C23H26N2O6 426.5 Cryst.
Terpene 11-Hydroxycodaphniphylline 1186496-68-3 C30H47NO4 485.7 Powder
Terpene 11-Hydroxytabersonine 22149-28-6 C21H24N2O3 352.4 Powder
Terpene 3'-Hydroxyrocaglamide 189322-67-6 C29H31NO8 521.6 Powder
Terpene 4-Methoxy-1-methoxycarbonyl-beta-carboline 60807-25-2 C14H12N2O3 256.3 Yellow powder
Terpene 5-Hydroxy-4-methoxycanthin-6-one 18110-86-6 C15H10N2O3 266.3 Yellow powder
Terpene Alantolactone 546-43-0 C15H20O2 232.32 Powder
Terpene Albiflorin 39011-90-0 C23H28O11 480.46 Powder
Terpene Andrographolide Sodium Bisulfite 7120297-97-6 C20H32O8S 423.45 Powder
Terpene Atractylenolide I 73069-13-3 C15H18O2 230.306 Powder
Terpene Atractylenolide II 73069-14-4 C15H20O2 232.322 Powder
Terpene Atractylenolide III 73030-71-4 C15H20O3 248.318 Powder
Terpene Atractylodin 55290-63-6 C41H68O14 784.97 Powder
Terpene Aucubin 479-98-1 C15H22O9 346.33 Powder
Terpene Baldrinal 18234-46-3 C12H10O4 218.21 Powder
Terpene Benzoylpaeoniflorin 38642-49-8 C30H32O12 584.57 Powder
Terpene Bilobalide 33570-04-6 C15H18O8 326.3 Powder
Terpene Cantharidin 56-25-7 C10H12O4 196 Powder
Terpene Carnosol 5957-80-2 C20H26O4 330.42 Powder
Terpene Crocin I 42553-65-1 C44H64O24 976.96 Powder
Terpene Crocin II 55750-84-0 C38H54O19 814.82 Powder
Terpene Cucurbitacin S 60137-06-6 C30H42O6 562.73 Powder
Terpene Curcumenol 19431-84-6 C15H22O2 234.33 Powder
Terpene Curcumol 4871-97-0 C15H24O2 236.35 Powder
Terpene Dehydroandrographolide 134418-28-3 C20H28O4 332.43 Powder
Terpene Dehydroandrographolide Succinate 786593-06-4 C28H36O10 532.58 Powder
Terpene Dehydrocostuslactone 477-43-0 C15H18O2 230.3 Powder
Terpene Fraxinellone 28808-62-0 C14H16O3 232.3 Oil
Terpene Gardenoside 24512-62-7 C38H44O8 628.75 Powder
Terpene Genipin-1-b-Gentiobioside 29307-60-6 C23H34O15 550.51 Powder
Terpene Germacrone 6902-91-6 C15H22O 218.33 Oil
Terpene Glaucocalyxin A 79498-31-0 C20H28O4 332.43 Powder
Terpene Hapagoside 19210-12-9 C24H30O11 494.49 Powder
Terpene Harpagide 6926-08-5 C15H24O10 364.35 Powder
Terpene Hastatoside 50816-24-5 C17H24O11 404.37 Powder
Terpene Hyperforin 11079-53-1 C35H52O4 536.78498 Powder
Terpene Isoalantolactone 470-17-7 C15H20O2 232.32 Powder
Terpene Isosteviol 27975-19-5 C20H30O3 318.45 Powder
Terpene Lactiflorin 88623-95-4 C23H26O10 462.45 Powder
Terpene Lathyrol 34420-19-4 C20H30O4 334.45 Powder
Terpene Lindenenol 26146-27-0 C15H18O2 230.3 Powder
Terpene Linderalactone 728-61-0 C15H16O3 244.29 Powder
Terpene Linderane 13476-25-0 C15H16O4 260.29 Powder
Terpene Lobetyolin 136085-37-5 C20H28O8 396.43 Powder
Terpene Lupulone 468-28-0 C26H38O4 414.58 Powder
Terpene Monotropein 5945-50-6 C16H22O11 390.34 Powder
Terpene Morroniside 25406-64-8 C17H26O11 406.38 Powder
Terpene Neoandrographolide 27215-14-1 C26H40O8 480.59 Powder
Terpene Nomilin 1063-77-0 C28H34O9 514.5 POWDER
Terpene Oxypaeoniflorin 39011-91-1 C23H28O12 496.46 Powder
Terpene Paeoniflorin 23180-57-6 C23H28O11 480.48 Powder
Terpene Patchouli Alcohol 5986-55-0 C15H26O 222.37 Powder
Terpene Picroside I 27409-30-9 C24H28O11 492.48 Powder
Terpene Picroside II 39012-20-9 C23H28O13 512.48 Powder
Terpene Picroside III 64461-95-6 C25H30O13 538.504 Powder
Terpene Pseudolaric Acid A 82508-32-5 C22H28O6 388.45 Powder
Terpene Pseudolaric Acid A O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 98891-44-2 C22H38O11 550.6 Powder
Terpene Pseudolaric Acid B 82508-31-4 C23H28O8 432.46 Powder
Terpene Pseudolaric Acid B O-beta-D-Glucopyranoside 98891-41-9 C29H38O13 594.6 Powder
Terpene Pseudolaric Acid C 82601-41-0 C21H26O7 390.43 Powder
Terpene Pyromeconic Acid 496-63-9 C5H4O3 112.08 Powder
Terpene Rebaudioside A 58543-16-1 C44H70O23 967.01 Powder
Terpene Rehmannioside A 81720-05-0 C21H32O15 524.47 Powder
Terpene Rehmannioside D 81720-08-3 C27H42O20 686.61 Powder
Terpene Rosiridin 100462-37-1 C16H28O7 332.39 Powder
Terpene Rubescensin B 52617-37-5 C20H26O6 362.42 Powder
Terpene Schisandrin 432-28-2 C24H32O7 432.51 Powder
Terpene Schisandrin A 61281-38-7 C24H32O6 416.51 Powder
Terpene Schisandrin B 61281-37-6 C23H28O6 400.46 Powder
Terpene Schizandrol A 7432-28-2 C24H32O7 432.507 Powder
Terpene Schizantherin B 58546-55-7 C28H34O9 514.564 Powder
Terpene Sipeimine 61825-98-7 C27H43NO3 429.64 Powder