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  • Full & Truncated CAS Number - To obtain an exact Chemical compound enter a full CAS registry number of the compound in the Search box. In the instance where only the truncated part of the CAS registry number is available, enter the truncated part in the search box and you will receive a list of hits with that truncation.

  • Chemical Name Search - Because chemical names vary significantly, chemical name searches are frequently inconclusive. For this reason, our search engine is designed to provide a nested result. For example, if you are searching for an acid and do not know its CAS Number, executing a search with just the term acid in the Search box will result in a list of all available compounds in the Library with the term acid in their name. Likewise, executing a search with the term alpha in the Search box will produce a list of all entries in which this term occurs. Similarly, if the product you are looking for is Pyridine, you can enter the word Pyrid in the search box and you will receive a list of all Pyridines.

  • Molecular Formula - Expressed as CtHxNyOwSz where t, x, y, w, z represent, respectively, the integer corresponding to the number of atoms of that element in the Molecular Formula, for example: C22H32NO2.

Note that, as with a term that is part of the chemical name, e.g., acid as discussed above, you can alternatively enter a truncation of the chemical formula, e.g., NO2, or a truncation of the CAS Number, e.g., -32.

Note, however, that you cannot simultaneously execute a search using two or more truncated terms, e.g. you cannot search for a truncated CAS Number and a truncated chemical name and/or truncated molecular formula. Thus, specifying -32 and NO2 will not return any results even if there is a compound with -32 in the CAS Number and NO2 in the formula.

In addition to searching, you can also filter your results by chemical class by selecting a chemical class from the pull-down. For example, type acid in the search box and then select Lipids from the pull-down to find all Lipid compounds that have acid as part of their name. If you leave the Search Box empty, you can use the chemical class filter to find all compounds in a class.

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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Polyphenols 2-Propenoic Acid (3-Methoxyphenyl)methyl Ester 144261-46-1 C11H12O3 192.21 Powder
Polyphenols 1,2,3,4,6-O-Pentagalloylglucose 14937-32-7 C41H32O26 940.677 Powder
Polyphenols 2,3,5,4'-Tetrahydroxystilbene-2-O-beta-D-glucoside 82373-94-2 C20H22O9 406.38 Powder
Polyphenols 3,4,5-Tricaffeoylquinic Acid 86632-03-3 C34H30O15 678.59 Powder
Polyphenols 3,5-Di-O-caffeoylquinic Acid 89919-62-0 C25H24O12 516.45 Powder
Polyphenols Arctigenin 7770-78-7 C21H24O6 372.41 Powder
Polyphenols Arctiin 20362-31-6 C27H34O11 534.55 Powder
Polyphenols Catechin Gallate 130405-40-2 C22H18O10 442.37 Powder
Polyphenols Chicoric Acid 70831-56-0 C22H18O12 474.37112 Powder
Polyphenols Chlorogenic Acid 327-97-9 C16H18O9 354.31 Powder
Polyphenols Chrysotoxine 156951-82-5 C18H22O5 318.36 Powder
Polyphenols Cistanoside A 93236-42-1 C36H48O20 800.75 Powder
Polyphenols Cochinchinenin C 956103-79-0 C33H34O7 542.62 Powder
Polyphenols Corilagin 23094-69-1 C27H22O18 634.453 Powder
Polyphenols Cryptochlorogenic Acid 905-99-7 C16H18O9 354.31 Powder
Polyphenols Demethoxycurcumin 22608-11-3 C20H18O5 338.354 Powder
Polyphenols Demethylwedelolactone 6468-55-9 C15H8O7 300.22 Powder
Polyphenols Echinacoside 82854-37-3 C35H46O20 786.74 Powder
Polyphenols Eleutheroside B 118-34-3 C17H24O9 372.37 Powder
Polyphenols Epicatechin Gallate (ECG) 1257-08-5 C22H18O10 442.4 Powder
Polyphenols Forsythoside A 79916-77-1 C29H36O15 624 Powder
Polyphenols Geraniin 60976-49-0 C41H28O27 952.645 Powder
Polyphenols Hypericin 548-04-9 C30H16O8 504.45 Powder
Polyphenols Isoacteoside 61303-13-7 C29H36O15 624.59 Powder
Polyphenols Isochlorogenic Acid A 2450-53-5 C25H24O12 516.46 Powder
Polyphenols Isochlorogenic Acid B 14534-61-3 C25H24O12 516.46 Powder
Polyphenols Isochlorogenic Acid C 32451-88-0 C25H24O12 516.46 Powder
Polyphenols Licochalcone A 58749-22-7 C21H22O4 338.397 Powder
Polyphenols Loureirin B 119425-90-0 C18H20O5 316.35 Powder
Polyphenols Mulberroside A 102841-42-9 C26H32O14 568.52 Powder
Polyphenols Niranthin 50656-77-4 C24H32O7 432.51 Powder
Polyphenols Podophyllotoxin 518-28-5 C22H22O8 414.4 Powder
Polyphenols Protopseudohypericin 54328-09-5 C30H18O9 522.44 Powder
Polyphenols Pseudohypericin 55954-61-5 C30H16O9 520.44 Powder
Polyphenols Punicalin 65995-64-4 C34H22O22 782.525 Powder
Polyphenols Rhaponticin 155-58-8 C21H24O9 420.41 Powder
Polyphenols Salvianolic Acid A 96574-01-5 C26H22O10 494.447 Powder