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  • Full & Truncated CAS Number - To obtain an exact Chemical compound enter a full CAS registry number of the compound in the Search box. In the instance where only the truncated part of the CAS registry number is available, enter the truncated part in the search box and you will receive a list of hits with that truncation.

  • Chemical Name Search - Because chemical names vary significantly, chemical name searches are frequently inconclusive. For this reason, our search engine is designed to provide a nested result. For example, if you are searching for an acid and do not know its CAS Number, executing a search with just the term acid in the Search box will result in a list of all available compounds in the Library with the term acid in their name. Likewise, executing a search with the term alpha in the Search box will produce a list of all entries in which this term occurs. Similarly, if the product you are looking for is Pyridine, you can enter the word Pyrid in the search box and you will receive a list of all Pyridines.

  • Molecular Formula - Expressed as CtHxNyOwSz where t, x, y, w, z represent, respectively, the integer corresponding to the number of atoms of that element in the Molecular Formula, for example: C22H32NO2.

Note that, as with a term that is part of the chemical name, e.g., acid as discussed above, you can alternatively enter a truncation of the chemical formula, e.g., NO2, or a truncation of the CAS Number, e.g., -32.

Note, however, that you cannot simultaneously execute a search using two or more truncated terms, e.g. you cannot search for a truncated CAS Number and a truncated chemical name and/or truncated molecular formula. Thus, specifying -32 and NO2 will not return any results even if there is a compound with -32 in the CAS Number and NO2 in the formula.

In addition to searching, you can also filter your results by chemical class by selecting a chemical class from the pull-down. For example, type acid in the search box and then select Lipids from the pull-down to find all Lipid compounds that have acid as part of their name. If you leave the Search Box empty, you can use the chemical class filter to find all compounds in a class.

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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Miscellaneous (Z)-Butylidenephthalide 72917-31-8    
Miscellaneous 1,6-Dioxaspiro[4.5]decan-2-methanol 83015-88-7    
Miscellaneous 11-Hydroxyjasmonic Acid 140447-14-9 C12H18O4 226.3 Oil
Miscellaneous 12-Hydroxyjasmonic Acid 140631-27-2 C12H18O4 226.3 Oil
Miscellaneous 1-Hydroxy-2-prenylnaphthalene 16274-34-3 C15H16O 212.3 Yellow oil
Miscellaneous 1-Oxo-4-hydroxy-2-en-4-ethylcyclohexa-5,8-olide 55604-88-1 C8H8O4 168.2 Oil
Miscellaneous 2-(2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)propane-1,2-diol 129141-48-6    
Miscellaneous 2-C-Methyl-D-erythritol 58698-37-6    
Miscellaneous 2-C-Methyl-D-erythrono-1,4-lactone 18465-71-9    
Miscellaneous 3-(Hydroxymethyl)- cyclopentanol 1007125-14-5 C6H12O2 116.2 Oil
Miscellaneous 3-(Hydroxymethyl)- cyclopentanone 113681-11-1 C6H10O2 114.1 Oil
Miscellaneous 3,4-Dihydro-2,2-dimethyl-2H-naphtho[1,2-b]pyran 16274-33-2 C15H16O 212.3 Liquid
Miscellaneous 3,4-Dihydro-3,4- dihydroxynaphthalen-1(2H)-one 1220891-22-4 C10H10O3 178.2 Powder
Miscellaneous 3,4-O-Isopropylidene Shikimic Acid 183075-03-8 C10H14O5 214.2 Powder
Miscellaneous 3-Hydroxycatalponol 265644-24-4 C15H18O3 246.3 Oil
Miscellaneous 3-Nitropropionic acid 504-88-1    
Miscellaneous 4-Hydroxy-4-(methoxycarbonylmethyl) cyclohexanone 81053-14-7 C9H14O4 186.2 Oil
Miscellaneous 4-Oxododecanedioic Acid 30828-09-2 C12H20O5 244.3 Powder
Miscellaneous 5-Epilithospermoside 84799-31-5 C14H19NO8 329.3 Powder
Miscellaneous 5-Hydroxy-1,7-diphenyl-6-hepten-3-one 87095-74-7 C19H20O2 280.4 Powder
Miscellaneous 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural 67-47-0 C6H6O3 126.1 Oil
Miscellaneous 8-Hydroxyhyperforin-8,1-hemiacetal 59014-02-7 C35H52O5 552.8 Powder
Miscellaneous Ankaflavin 50980-32-0 C24H32O5 400.515 Yellow Powder
Miscellaneous Bi-linderone 1227375-09-8    
Miscellaneous Buergerinin G 263764-83-6    
Miscellaneous Catalpalactone 1585-68-8 C15H14O4 258.3 Powder
Miscellaneous Catalponol 34168-56-4 C15H18O2 230.3 Oil
Miscellaneous Catalponol methylthiomethyl ether 1432057-74-3    
Miscellaneous Catalponol Methylthiomethyl Ether N/A C17H22O2S 290.4 Oil
Miscellaneous Cimigenol 3779-59-7 C30H48O5 488.709 White to off-white Powder
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin B 107389-91-3 C8H14O3 158.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin C 189264-44-6 C8H12O3 156.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin C 183626-28-0    
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin D 189264-45-7 C8H12O4 172.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin E 165197-71-7 C8H14O3 158.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Cleroindicin F 189264-47-9 C8H10O3 154.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Coclauril 127350-68-9 C8H9NO2 151.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Conduritol A 526-87-4 C6H10O4 146.1 Cryst.
Miscellaneous Dihydrosenkyunolide C 195142-72-4    
Miscellaneous Diligustilide 88182-33-6    
Miscellaneous Epigoitrin 1072-93-1    
Miscellaneous Epirengynic acid 1310146-00-9    
Miscellaneous Epoxymicheliolide 1343403-10-0 C15H20O4 264.31 Powder
Miscellaneous Fumaric acid 110-17-8    
Miscellaneous Furan-2-carboxylic acid 88-14-2    
Miscellaneous Gastrodin 62499-27-8 C13H18O7 286.28 Powder
Miscellaneous Ginkgolic Acid 22910-60-7 C22H34O3 346.5 Powder
Miscellaneous Ginkgoneolic Acid 20261-38-5 C20H32O3 320.47 Powder
Miscellaneous Glycerol 56-81-5    
Miscellaneous Ligustilide 4431-01-0    
Miscellaneous Linderaspirone A 1235126-46-1 C34H32O10 600.6 Yellow powder
Miscellaneous Malic Acid 4-Me Ester 66178-02-7 C5H8O5 148.1 Cryst.
Miscellaneous Mebavin 56509-01-4 C38H34N4O12 738.7 Powder
Miscellaneous Methyl 4-O-feruloylquinate 195723-10-5    
Miscellaneous Methyl levulinate 624-45-3    
Miscellaneous Monascin 21516-68-7 C21H26O5 385.434 Yellow powder
Miscellaneous NA NA C15H16O3 244.3 Oil
Miscellaneous NA NA C8H12O4 172.2 Oil
Miscellaneous Neochlorogenic Acid 906-33-2 C16H18O9 354.3 Powder
Miscellaneous Oreganic Acid 181527-69-5 C22H38O10S 494.598  
Miscellaneous Perforatumone 827319-50-6 C35H52O5 552.8 Oil
Miscellaneous Polyhydroxybutyrate 26744-04-7    
Miscellaneous Rengynic Acid 517883-38-4 C8H14O4 174.2 Powder
Miscellaneous Rengyol 93675-85-5 C8H16O3 160.2 Powder
Miscellaneous Riligustilide 89354-45-0    
Miscellaneous Rosarin 84954-93-8 C20H28O10 428.43 Powder
Miscellaneous Rosavin 84954-92-7 C20H28O10 428.43 Powder
Miscellaneous Rosin 85026-55-7 C15H20O6 296.32 Powder
Miscellaneous Sarmentosin 71933-54-5 C11H17NO7 275.3 Oil
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide A 63038-10-8    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide C 91652-78-7    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide E 94530-83-3    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide G 94530-85-5    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide H 94596-27-7    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide I 94596-28-8    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide R 172549-37-0    
Miscellaneous Senkyunolide S 172723-28-3    
Miscellaneous Shikimic Acid 138-59-0 C7H10O5 174.2 Powder
Miscellaneous Succinic acid 110-15-6    
Miscellaneous Sutherlandin trans-p-coumarate 315236-68-1    
Miscellaneous Tokinolide B 112966-16-2    
Miscellaneous Torachrysone-8-O-glucoside 64032-49-1 C20H24O9 408.4 Yellow powder
Miscellaneous Trifolirhizin 6807-83-6 C22H22O10 446.4 Cryst. + 1MeOH