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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Lignans (-)-Asarinin 133-04-0 C20H18O6 354.35 Powder
Lignans (-)-Lyoniresinol 9'-O-glucoside 143236-02-6    
Lignans (-)-Pinoresinol 4-O-glucoside 41607-20-9    
Lignans (-)-Syringaresinol 6216-81-5    
Lignans (+)-Conocarpan 221666-27-9 C18H18O2 266.3 Powder
Lignans (+)-Conocarpan Acetate 56319-04-1 C20H20O3 308.4 Oil
Lignans (+)-Isolariciresinol 9'-O-glucoside 63358-12-3    
Lignans (+)-Lyoniresinol 9'-O-glucoside 87585-32-8    
Lignans (+)-Matairesinol 148409-36-3    
Lignans (+)-Nortrachelogenin 61521-74-2    
Lignans (+)-Pinoresinol 487-36-5 C20H22O6 358.4 Powder
Lignans (+)-Pinoresinol Diacetate 32971-25-8 C24H26O8 442.5 Powder
Lignans (+)-Pinoresinol-4-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 69251-96-3 C26H32O11 520.5 Powder
Lignans (+/-)-Pinoresinol 4263-88-1    
Lignans 1,6-Dihydro-4,7'-epoxy-1-methoxy-3',4'-methylenedioxy-6-oxo-3,8'-lignan 57430-03-2    
Lignans 1,6-Dihydro-4,7'-epoxy-1-methoxy-3',4'-methylenedioxy-6-oxo-3,8'-lignan 67920-48-3    
Lignans 1-Hydroxypinoresinol 1-O-glucoside 81495-71-8    
Lignans 2-(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-7-methoxy-5-benzofuranpropanol 144735-57-9    
Lignans 2,3-Di(3',4'-methylenedioxybenzyl)-2-buten-4-olide 137809-97-3    
Lignans 2',4'-Dihydroxy-3,7':4,8'-diepoxylign-7-ene 666250-52-8    
Lignans 2-Epi-3a-epiburchellin 57457-99-5    
Lignans 3a-Epiburchellin 155551-61-4    
Lignans 4,4'-Dihydroxy-3,3',9-trimethoxy-9,9'-epoxylignan 1206464-65-4    
Lignans 4',9,9'-Trihydroxy-3'- methoxy-3,7'-epoxy-4,8'- oxyneolignan 144881-21-0 C19H22O6 346.4 Oil
Lignans 4,9,9'-Trihydroxy-3,3'-dimethoxy-8,4'-oxyneolignan 53505-68-3    
Lignans 4'-Demethylepipodophyllotoxin 6559-91-7    
Lignans 4'-Demethylpodophyllotoxin 40505-27-9 C21H20O8 400.37 Crystal
Lignans 4-O-Demethylisokadsurenin D 89104-59-6    
Lignans 4-O-Demethylkadsurenin D 127179-70-8    
Lignans 5,5'- Dimethoxylariciresinol 116498-58-9 C22H28O8 420.5 Powder
Lignans 5,5'- Dimethoxylariciresinol 4-O-Glucoside 154418-16-3 C28H38O13 582.6 Powder
Lignans 5-Acetoxymatairesinol Dimethyl Ether 74892-45-8 C24H28O8 444.5 Powder
Lignans 5-Allyl-3-methoxy-6-methyl-7-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)bicyclo[3.2.1]oct-3-ene-2,8 106894-43-3    
Lignans 5'-Demethylaquillochin 305364-91-4 C20H18O9 402.4 Powder
Lignans 5-Methoxyisolariciresinol 136082-41-2    
Lignans 5'-Methoxylariciresinol 105256-12-0    
Lignans 5-O-Methylhierochin D 155836-29-6 C20H22O6 358.4 Powder
Lignans 7,8,9,9-Tetradehydroisolariciresinol 357645-16-0    
Lignans 7,8,9,9-Tetradehydroisolariciresinol 145918-59-8 C20H20O6 356.4 Powder
Lignans 7-O-Acetyl-4-O-demethylpolysyphorin 89706-39-8    
Lignans 7-Oxohinokinin 130837-92-2 C20H16O7 368.3 Oil
Lignans 9,9'-Di-O-(E)-feruloylsecoisolariciresino l 56973-66-1 C40H42O12 714.8 Powder
Lignans 9,9'-O-isopropyllidene-isolariciresinol 252333-71-4 C23H28O6 400.5 Powder
Lignans 9-O-Acetyl-4,4'-di-O-methyllariciresinol 73354-15-1 C24H30O7 430.5 Oil
Lignans 9-O-Feruloyl-5,5'-dimethoxylariciresinol 166322-14-1 C32H36O11 596.6 Powder
Lignans 9-O-Feruloyllariciresinol 60337-67-9 C30H32O9 536.6 Powder
Lignans Acanthoside B 7374-79-0 C28H36O13 580.6 Powder
Lignans Acetylepipodophyllotoxin 1180-35-4 C24H24O9 456.5 Powder
Lignans Acetylvirolin 916264-22-7    
Lignans Acuminatin 41744-39-2 C21H24O4 340.4 Oil
Lignans Agatharesinol 7288-11-1    
Lignans Agatharesinol acetonide 800389-33-7    
Lignans alfa-Conidendrin 85699-62-3 C20H20O6 356.4 Powder
Lignans Angeloylgomisin H 66056-22-2    
Lignans Angeloylgomisin Q 72561-28-5    
Lignans Angeloylisogomisin O 83864-70-4 C28H34O8 498.6 Cryst.
Lignans Balanophonin 118916-57-7 C20H20O6 356.4 Oil
Lignans Bis-5,5-nortrachelogenin 870480-56-1    
Lignans Boehmenan 57296-22-7    
Lignans Burchellin 38276-59-4    
Lignans Cedrusin 75775-36-9    
Lignans Cinnamyl cinnamate 122-69-0    
Lignans Cleomiscosin A 76948-72-6 C20H18O8 386.4 Powder
Lignans Cleomiscosin C 84575-10-0 C21H20O9 416.4 Powder
Lignans Curlignan 220736-54-9    
Lignans Cycloolivil 3064-05-9    
Lignans Dadahol A 405281-76-7    
Lignans De-4'-O- methylyangambin 149250-48-6 C23H28O8 432.5 Powder
Lignans Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 4263-87-0    
Lignans Dehydroheliobuphthalmin 66547-92-0    
Lignans Dehydroheliobuphthalmin 103001-05-4 C22H20O8 412.4 Oil
Lignans Demethylcarolignan E 873694-46-3    
Lignans Denudadione C 61240-34-4    
Lignans Denudanolide A 288259-72-3    
Lignans Denudatin B 87402-88-8    
Lignans Deoxypodophyllotoxin 19186-35-7 C22H22O7 398.4 Powder
Lignans Dihydrodehydrodiconifery l Alcohol 28199-69-1 C20H24O6 360.4 Powder
Lignans Dihydrodehydrodiconiferyl alcohol 126253-41-6    
Lignans Dihydroguaiaretic Acid 66322-34-7 C20H26O4 330.4 Powder
Lignans Dihydrosesamin 83708-70-7    
Lignans Dimeric coniferyl acetate 184046-40-0 C24H26O8 442.5 Oil
Lignans Dimethylmatairesinol 25488-59-9 C22H26O6 386.4 Powder
Lignans DL-Syringaresinol 1177-14-6 C22H26O8 418.4 Powder
Lignans Dunnianol 139726-29-7 C27H26O3 398.5 Powder
Lignans Eleutheroside E 39432-56-9 C34H46O18 742.72 Powder
Lignans Epinortrachelogenin 125072-69-7    
Lignans Episyringaresinol 51152-20-6    
Lignans Epiyangambin 24192-64-1    
Lignans erythro-Guaiacylglycerol beta-Coniferyl Ether 890317-92-7 C20H24O7 376.4 Oil
Lignans erythro-Guaiacylglycerol beta-dihydroconiferyl ether 135820-77-8    
Lignans erythro-Guaiacylglycerol beta-sinapyl ether 877875-96-2    
Lignans erythro-Guaiacylglycerol-beta-O-4'-dehydrodisinapyl ether 613684-55-2    
Lignans Eudesmin 526-06-7    
Lignans Fargesin 31008-19-2 C21H22O6 370.4 Powder
Lignans Fargesone A 116424-69-2    
Lignans Fargesone B 116424-70-5    
Lignans Formosanol 101312-79-2 C21H24O6 372.4 Powder
Lignans Forsythin 487-41-2 C27H34O11 534.56 Powder
Lignans Fragransin A2 112652-46-7 C20H24O5 344.4 Powder
Lignans Fraxiresinol 1-O-glucoside 89199-94-0 C27H34O13 566.6 Oil