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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Iridoids (E)-Aldosecologanin 471271-55-3    
Iridoids [1S-(1-alpha,4-alpha,5-alpha,7-alpha,7-alpha)]-Octahydro-1-methoxy-7-methylcyclopenta[c]pyran-5,7-diol 55732-36-0 C10H18O4 202.3 Oil
Iridoids 1,6,8-Trideoxyshanzhigenin 99173-00-9    
Iridoids 10-O-Caffeoyl-6-epiferetoside 83348-22-5    
Iridoids 10-O-Vanilloylaucubin 193969-08-3 C23H28O12 496.5 Powder
Iridoids 13-O-p- Coumaroylplumieride 80416-52-0 C30H32O14 616.6 Powder
Iridoids 15-Demethylplumieride 132586-69-7 C20H24O12 456.4 Powder
Iridoids 1-Hydroxycanthin-6-one 80787-59-3 C14H8N2O2 236.2 Yellow powder
Iridoids 1-O-Methyljatamanin D 54656-47-2    
Iridoids 4-Epialyxialactone 132339-37-8 C10H16O4 200.2 Powder
Iridoids 4'-O-trans-p-Coumaroylmussaenoside 1246012-27-0 C26H32O12 536.5 Powder
Iridoids 5,6-O-Isopropylidenephlorigidoside B N/A C22H32O13 504.5 Powder
Iridoids 6alpha-Hydroxygeniposide 52613-28-2    
Iridoids 6-beta-Hydroxyipolamiide 87797-84-0 C17H26O12 422.4 Powder
Iridoids 6-Epi-8-O-acetylharpagide 97169-44-3    
Iridoids 6-Epiharpagide 86362-16-5    
Iridoids 6-Epiharpagoside 1151862-67-7    
Iridoids 6-Feruloylcatalpol 770721-33-0 C25H30O13 538.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-(3'',4''- Dimethoxycinnamoyl)catalpol 147714-71-4 C26H32O13 552.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-Benzoylphlorigidoside B 1246012-24-7 C26H32O14 568.5 Oil
Iridoids 6'-O-Cinnamoyl-8-epikingisidic acid 1403984-03-1    
Iridoids 6-O-Cinnamoylcatalpol 136807-41-5 C24H28O11 492.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-p-Hydroxybenzoylaucubin 1016987-87-3 C22H26O11 466.4 Gum
Iridoids 6'-O-p-Hydroxybenzoylcatalposide 355143-38-3 C29H30O14 602.6 Gum
Iridoids 6-O-p-Methoxycinnamoylcatalpol 121710-02-9 C25H30O12 522.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-Syringoylajugol 144049-72-9 C24H32O13 528.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-trans-Cinnamoylphlorigidoside B 1246012-25-8 C28H34O14 594.6 Oil
Iridoids 6-O-trans-p-Coumaroylshanzhiside Methyl Ester 1246012-26-9 C26H32O13 552.5 Powder
Iridoids 6-O-Vanilloylajugol 124168-04-3 C23H30O12 498.5 Powder
Iridoids 8,9-Didehydro-7-hydroxydolichodial 97856-19-4    
Iridoids 8-Epideoxyloganic acid 88668-99-9    
Iridoids 8-O-Acetylharpagide 6926-14-3 C17H26O11 406.4 Powder
Iridoids 8-O-Acetylshanzhiside Methyl Ester 57420-46-9 C19H28O12 448.4 Powder
Iridoids Acevaltrate 25161-41-5    
Iridoids Agnuside 11027-63-7 C22H26O11 466.4 Powder
Iridoids Allamandicin 51838-83-6    
Iridoids Alyxialactone 132237-63-9 C10H16O4 200.2 Powder
Iridoids Asperuloside 14259-45-1 C18H22O11 414.4 Powder
Iridoids beta-Dihydroplumericinic Acid 59204-61-4 C14H14O6 278.3 Powder
Iridoids Borreriagenin 249916-07-2 C10H14O5 214.2 Oil
Iridoids Buergerinin B 919769-83-8    
Iridoids Catalpin 1390-72-3 C16H18O7 322.3 Powder
Iridoids Catalpol 2415-24-9 C15H22O10 362.3 Powder
Iridoids Catalposide 6736-85-2 C22H26O12 482.4 Powder
Iridoids Cerberic acid 65597-44-6    
Iridoids Cerbinal 65597-42-4 C11H8O4 204.2 Yellow powder
Iridoids Chlorovaltrate K 96801-92-2    
Iridoids Cornin 548-37-8 C17H24O10 388.37 Powder
Iridoids Daphylloside 14260-99-2 C19H26O12 446.4 Oil
Iridoids Didrovaltrate 18296-45-2    
Iridoids Durantoside I 53526-67-3    
Iridoids Durantoside II 53526-66-2    
Iridoids Epivogeloside 118627-52-4 C17H24O10 388.4 Powder
Iridoids Euphroside 76994-07-5    
Iridoids Feretoside 27530-67-2 C17H24O11 404.4 Oil
Iridoids Fraxamoside 326594-34-7 C25H30O13 538.5 Powder
Iridoids Gardenine 139682-36-3 C11H13NO4 223.2 Oil
Iridoids Garjasmin 144868-43-9 C11H12O5 224.2 Powder
Iridoids Gelsemiol 110414-77-2 C10H16O4 200.2 Powder
Iridoids Gentiopicroside 20831-76-9 C16H20O9 356.3 Powder
Iridoids Globularin 1399-49-1 C24H28O11 492.5 Powder
Iridoids Grandifloroside 61186-24-1    
Iridoids Griselinoside 71035-06-8 C18H24O12 432.4 Oil
Iridoids Hydrangenoside A dimethyl acetal 952485-00-6    
Iridoids Isoboonein 99946-04-0 C9H14O3 170.2 Solid
Iridoids Isoboonein acetate 99891-77-7 C11H16O4 212.2 Powder
Iridoids IVHD-valtrate 28325-56-6    
Iridoids Jatamanvaltrate B 1134138-66-1    
Iridoids Lamiide 27856-54-8    
Iridoids Ligustroside 35897-92-8 C25H32O12 524.5 Powder
Iridoids Loganetin 29748-10-5 C11H16O5 228.2 Oil
Iridoids Loganic Acid 22255-40-9 C16H24O10 376.4 Oil
Iridoids Loganin 18524-94-2 C17H26O10 390.4 Powder
Iridoids Minecoside 51005-44-8 C25H30O13 538.5 Powder
Iridoids Mussaenoside 64421-27-8 C17H26O10 390.4 Oil
Iridoids NA NA C33H50O17 718.8 Powder
Iridoids NA NA C33H50O18 734.8 Powder
Iridoids NA NA C19H22O8 378.4 Oil
Iridoids NA NA C29H46O15 634.7 Oil
Iridoids NA NA C26H32O13 552.5 Powder
Iridoids NA NA C25H28O12 520.5 Powder
Iridoids Norviburtinal 85051-41-8 C9H6O2 146.1 Yellow powder
Iridoids Nuezhenide 39011-92-2 C31H42O17 686.7 Powder
Iridoids Oleonuezhenide 112693-21-7    
Iridoids Oleoside 178600-68-5 C16H22O11 390.3 Powder
Iridoids Phlorigidoside B 288248-46-4 C19H28O13 464.4 Powder
Iridoids Plumieride 511-89-7 C21H26O12 470.4 Powder
Iridoids Procumbide 20486-27-5    
Iridoids Protoplumericin A 80396-57-2    
Iridoids Rehmaglutin D 103744-84-9 C9H13ClO4 220.7 Powder
Iridoids Secologanin dimethyl acetal 77988-07-9    
Iridoids Secoxyloganin 58822-47-2 C17H24O11 404.4 Powder
Iridoids Secoxyloganin Methyl Ester 74713-15-8 C18H26O11 418.4 Powder
Iridoids Sesamoside 117479-87-5 C17H24O12 420.4 Powder
Iridoids Shanzhiside 29836-27-9 C16H24O11 392.4 Powder
Iridoids Shanzhiside methyl Ester 64421-28-9 C17H26O11 406.4 Powder
Iridoids Specioside 72514-90-0 C24H28O12 508.5 Powder
Iridoids Splendoside 81969-41-7    
Iridoids Sweroside 14215-86-2 C16H22O9 358.3 Powder
Iridoids Swertiamarin 17388-39-5 C16H22O10 374.3 Powder