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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Flavonoids (-)-Epiafzelechin 24808-04-6 C15H14O5 274.3 Powder
Flavonoids (-)-N-Methylsedridine 41447-15-8 C9H19NO 157.3 Oil
Flavonoids (+)-Afzelechin 2545-00-8 C15H14O5 274.3 Powder
Flavonoids (+)-N-Methylallosedridine 41447-16-9 C9H19NO 157.3 Oil
Flavonoids (+/-)-Vestitol 56701-24-7    
Flavonoids (2S,3S)-(-)-Glucodistylin 129212-92-6    
Flavonoids (S)-2,3,9,10-Tetrahydro-5-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-8,8-dimethyl-4H,8H-benzo[1,2-b:3,4-b']dipyran-4-one 70897-14-2 C20H20O5 340.4 Powder
Flavonoids 1"-Methoxyerythrinin C 221002-11-5    
Flavonoids 11-Hydroxytephrosin 72458-85-6    
Flavonoids 12-Deoxo-12alpha-acetoxyelliptone 150226-21-4    
Flavonoids 14,15-Didehydrovincamenine 112219-48-4 C19H20N2 276.4 Oil
Flavonoids 1-Hydroxy-3,4,5-trimethoxyxanthone 23251-63-0 C16H14O6 302.28 Powder
Flavonoids 1-Hydroxyrutaecarpine 53600-24-1 C18H13N3O2 303.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 1-Methoxycarbonyl-beta-carboline 3464-66-2 C13H10N2O2 226.2 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 2",4"-Di-O-(E-p-coumaroyl)afzelin 163434-73-9    
Flavonoids 2",4"-Di-O-(Z-p-coumaroyl)afzelin 205534-17-4    
Flavonoids 2,3,2",3"- Tetrahydroochnaflavone 678138-59-5 C30H22O10 542.5 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 2',3,5,6',7-Pentahydroxyflavanone 80366-15-0 C15H12O7 304.3 Powder
Flavonoids 2,3-Dehydrokievitone 74161-25-4 C20H18O6 354.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydroamentoflavone 7,4'-dimethyl ether 873999-88-3    
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydroheveaflavone 110382-42-8    
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydrohinokiflavone 34292-87-0    
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydroisoginkgetin 828923-27-9    
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydropodocarpusflavone A 852875-96-8    
Flavonoids 2,3-Dihydrosciadopitysin 34421-19-7    
Flavonoids 2',4',5'-Trimethoxy-2'',2''-dimethylpyrano[5'',6'':6,7]isoflavone 211799-56-3 C23H22O6 394.4 Powder
Flavonoids 2',4'-Dihydroxy-7-methoxy-8-prenylflavan 331954-16-6    
Flavonoids 2',5,6',7-Tetraacetoxyflavanone 80604-17-7 C23H20O10 456.4 Powder
Flavonoids 2',5,6',7-Tetrahydroxyflavanone 80604-16-6 C15H12O6 288.3 Powder
Flavonoids 2',5,7-Trihydroxy-8-methoxyflavanone 112408-71-6 C16H14O6 302.3 Powder
Flavonoids 2',6',7-Triacetoxy-5-hydroxyflavone N/A C21H18O9 414.4 Powder
Flavonoids 2',7-Dihydroxy-5,8-dimethoxyflavanone 1351338-14-1    
Flavonoids 2''-Acetylastragalin 1206734-95-3    
Flavonoids 2H,6H-Benzo[1,2-b:5,4-b']dipyran-6-one, 7-[4-(acetyloxy)phenyl]-5-hydroxy-2,2-dimethyl- 86989-18-6 C22H18O6 378.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 2-Hydroxy-7-O- methylscillascillin 52096-50-1 C18H14O7 342.3 Powder
Flavonoids 2'-Hydroxydaidzein 7678-85-5    
Flavonoids 2'-Hydroxygenistein 1156-78-1 C15H10O6 286.2 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 2-Hydroxynaringenin 58124-18-8    
Flavonoids 2''-O-Coumaroyljuglanin 67214-05-5    
Flavonoids 2'-O-Galloylhyperin 53209-27-1 C28H24O16 616.481 Powder
Flavonoids 2'-O-Methylkurarinone 270249-38-2    
Flavonoids 2''-O-Rhamnosylicariside II 135293-13-9    
Flavonoids 2'-O-Rhamnosylvitexin 64820-99-1 C27H30O14 578.52 Powder
Flavonoids 3",4"-Di-O-acetyl-2",6"-di-O-p-coumaroylastragalin 349545-02-4    
Flavonoids 3",4"-Di-O-acetyl-2",6"-di-O-p-coumaroylastragalin 137018-33-8    
Flavonoids 3-(2,4-Dihydroxybenzyl)-5-hydroxy-7,8-dimethoxy-6-methylchroman-4-one 149180-48-3    
Flavonoids 3,2'-Epilarixinol 1207671-28-0    
Flavonoids 3,3',4',5,5',7-Hexahydroxyflavan 970-73-0 C15H14O7 306.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3,4,4',7- Tetrahydroxyflavan 38412-82-7 C15H14O5 274.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3',4',5',3,5,6,7-Heptamethoxyflavone 17245-30-6 C22H24O9 432.4 Cryst.
Flavonoids 3',4',5',3,5,7,8-Heptamethoxyflavone 21634-52-6 C22H24O9 432.4 Cryst.
Flavonoids 3',4',7-Trimethoxyflavan 116384-26-0 C18H20O4 300.4 Oil
Flavonoids 3,4'-Dihydroxy-3',5,7-trimethoxyflavan 97914-19-7 C18H20O6 332.4 Powder
Flavonoids 3',5,5',7-Tetraacetoxyflavone N/A C23H20O10 456.4 Powder
Flavonoids 3',5,5',7-Tetrahydroxy-4',6-dimethoxyflavone 125537-92-0 C17H14O8 346.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3',5,5',7-Tetrahydroxyflavanone 160436-10-2 C15H12O6 288.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3',5-Dihydroxy-4',5',6,7- tetramethoxyflavone 111537-41-8 C19H18O8 374.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3,5-Dihydroxy-4',7-dimethoxyflavone 15486-33-6 C17H14O6 314.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3,6-Dimethoxyapigenin 22697-65-0    
Flavonoids 3,7-Di-O-methylquercetin 2068-02-2    
Flavonoids 3,7-O-Diacetylpinobanksin 103553-98-6 C19H16O7 356.3 Oil
Flavonoids 3,8''-Biapigenin 101140-06-1 C30H18O10 538.5 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3,9-Dihydroeucomin 887375-68-0    
Flavonoids 3-Deoxysappanone B 113122-54-6 C16H14O5 286.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3'-Geranyl-3-prenyl-2',4',5,7-tetrahydroxyflavone 1334309-44-2    
Flavonoids 3'-Hydroxy-3,9-dihydroeucomin 107585-75-1 C17H16O6 316.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3-Hydroxy-4',5,7-trimethoxyflavanone 76792-94-4 C18H18O6 330.3 Oil
Flavonoids 3-Hydroxy-5,7- dimethoxy-3',4'-methylenedioxyflavonoid 162602-04-2 C18H18O6 330.3 Powder
Flavonoids 3-Isomangostin 19275-46-8 C24H26O6 410.46 Powder
Flavonoids 3'-Methoxydaidzein 21913-98-4    
Flavonoids 3-O-Acetylpinobanksin 52117-69-8 C17H14O6 314.3 Oil
Flavonoids 3'-O-Methylorobol 36190-95-1 C16H12O6 300.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3-O-Methylquercetin 1486-70-0 C16H12O7 316.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 3-O-Methylquercetin tetraacetate 1486-69-7 C24H20O11 484.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4',4'''-Di-O-methylcupressuflavone 74336-91-7 C32H22O10 566.5 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4',4'''-Di-O-methylisochamaejasmin 1620921-68-7    
Flavonoids 4',5,7-Trihydroxy-6- prenylflavone 68097-13-2 C20H18O5 338.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4',5-Dihydroxy-3',5',6,7- tetramethoxyflavone 83133-17-9 C19H18O8 374.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4',5-Dihydroxyflavone 6665-67-4 C15H10O4 254.2 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4',7-Di-O-methylnaringenin 29424-96-2 C17H16O5 300.3 Cryst.
Flavonoids 4'-Demethyl-3,9-dihydroeucomin 107585-77-3 C16H14O5 286.3 Powder
Flavonoids 4'-Demethyleucomin 34818-83-2 C16H12O5 284.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4'-Hydroxywogonin 57096-02-3 C16H12O6 300.3 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4'-O-Acetylchrysosplenetin N/A C21H20O9 416.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4'-O-beta-Glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol 84272-85-5 C22H28O10 452.46 Powder
Flavonoids 4'-O-Methylbroussochalcone B 20784-60-5 C21H22O4 338.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 4'-O-Methyllicoflavanone 1038753-13-7    
Flavonoids 4-O-Methylsappanol 104778-16-7 C17H18O6 318.3 Powder
Flavonoids 5,7,3',4',5'-Pentamethoxyflavone 53350-26-8 C20H20O7 372.37 Powder
Flavonoids 5,7,3',4'-Tetrahydroxy-3-methoxy-8,5'-diprenylflavone 1353676-65-9    
Flavonoids 5,7,3',4'-Tetrahydroxy-3-methoxy-8-geranylflavone 1605304-56-0    
Flavonoids 5,7,3'-Trihydroxy-4'-methoxy-8-prenylflavanone 1268140-15-3    
Flavonoids 5,7,3'-Trihydroxy-6,4',5'-trimethoxyflavone 310888-07-4 C18H18O8 362.3 Powder
Flavonoids 5,7,4'-Trihydroxy-3,6-dimethoxy-3',5'-diprenylflavone 1246926-08-8    
Flavonoids 5,7,4'-Trihydroxy-3,6-dimethoxy-3'-prenylflavone 959421-20-6    
Flavonoids 5,7,4'-Tri-O-methylcatechin 105330-59-4    
Flavonoids 5,7,8,4'-Tetramethoxyflavone 6601-66-7    
Flavonoids 5,7-Diacetoxy-3,4',8-trimethoxyflavone 5128-43-8 C22H20O9 428.4 Yellow powder
Flavonoids 5,7-Diacetoxy-8-methoxyflavone 23246-80-2 C20H16O7 368.3 Cryst.
Flavonoids 5,7-Diacetoxyflavone 6665-78-7 C19H14O6 338.3 Powder