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Note, however, that you cannot simultaneously execute a search using two or more truncated terms, e.g. you cannot search for a truncated CAS Number and a truncated chemical name and/or truncated molecular formula. Thus, specifying -32 and NO2 will not return any results even if there is a compound with -32 in the CAS Number and NO2 in the formula.

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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Diterpenoids (-)-Phyllocladene 20070-61-5    
Diterpenoids 1-[(1S,4aS,5R,8aR)-5-[2-(2,5-dihydro-2-oxo-3-furanyl)ethyl]decahydro-1,4a-dimethyl-6-methylene-1-naphthalenecarboxylate]-beta-D-glucopyranose 919120-78-8 C26H38O9 494.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 10-Deacetylbaccatin III 32981-86-5 C29H36O10 544.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 10-Deacetyltaxol 78432-77-6    
Diterpenoids 12-Acetoxyabietic Acid 83905-81-1 C22H32O4 360.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 12alpha-Hydroxygrandiflorenic acid 63768-17-2    
Diterpenoids 12-Demethylneocaesalpin F 1228964-10-0    
Diterpenoids 12-Ethoxyabietic Acid N/A C22H34O3 346.5 Oil
Diterpenoids 12-Hydroxy-8(17),13-labdadien-16,15-olide 958885-86-4 C20H30O3 318.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 12-Hydroxyabietic Acid 3484-61-5 C20H30O3 318.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 12-O-Methylcarnosic acid 62201-71-2    
Diterpenoids 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate 16561-29-8 C36H56O8 616.83 White powder
Diterpenoids 13-Epijhanol 133005-15-9    
Diterpenoids 13-Epimanool 1438-62-6    
Diterpenoids 13-Hydroxy-8,11,13-podocarpatrien-18-oic Acid 61597-83-9 C17H22O3 274.4 Cryst.
Diterpenoids 13-Hydroxylabda-8(17),14-dien-18-oic acid 83915-59-7    
Diterpenoids 13-Methyl-8,11,13-podocarpatriene-3,12-diol 769140-74-1 C18H26O2 274.4 Oil
Diterpenoids 13-O-Deacetyltaxumairol Z 220935-39-7 C31H40O12 604.7 Powder
Diterpenoids 13-Oxopodocarp-8(14)-en-18-oic acid 63976-69-2    
Diterpenoids 13-Oxyingenol Dodecanoate 54706-70-6 C32H50O7 546.74 White to Off-White Solid
Diterpenoids 14beta-Benzoyloxy-2-deacetylbaccatin VI 705973-69-9 C37H46O15 730.8 Oil
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographiside 141973-41-3    
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-11,12-didehydroandrographolide 42895-58-9 C20H28O4 332.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-11-hydroxyandrographolide 160242-09-1    
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-12-hydroxyandrographolide 219721-33-2    
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-17-hydroxyandrographolide 869384-82-7    
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxycoleon U 88664-09-9    
Diterpenoids 14-Deoxy-epsilon-caesalpin 279683-46-4    
Diterpenoids 14-O-Methylthiomethylitol A N/A C22H36O6S 428.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 15,16-Dihydro-15-methoxy-16-oxo-hardwickiic Acid 115783-35-2 C21H30O5 362.5 Oil
Diterpenoids 15,16-Dinor-8(17),11-labdadien-13-one 76497-69-3 C18H28O 260.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 15,16-Di-O-acetyldarutoside 1188282-02-1 C30H48O10 568.7 Powder / Oil
Diterpenoids 15,16-Epoxy-12R-hydroxylabda-8(17),13(16),14-triene 61597-55-5 C20H30O2 302.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 15,18-Dihydroxyabieta-8,11,13-trien-7-one 213329-45-4 C20H28O3 316.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 15-Hydroxy-7-oxodehydroabietic Acid 95416-25-4 C20H26O4 330.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 15-Hydroxydehydroabietic Acid 54113-95-0 C20H28O3 316.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 15-Isopimarene-8,18-diol 73002-86-5 C20H34O2 306.5 Oil
Diterpenoids 15-Methoxychinensine A N/A C21H30O3 330.5 Oil
Diterpenoids 15-Methoxymkapwanin 1309920-99-7    
Diterpenoids 15-Methoxypinusolidic Acid 769928-72-5 C21H30O5 362.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 15-Nor-14-oxolabda-8(17),12-dien-18-oic acid 1039673-32-9    
Diterpenoids 16-Acetoxy-7-O-acetylhorminone 269742-39-4 C24H32O7 432.5 Yellow powder
Diterpenoids 16-Hydroxy-2-oxocleroda-3,13-dien-15,16-olide 165459-53-0    
Diterpenoids 16-Hydroxy-8(17),13- labdadien-15,16-olid-19-oic Acid 691009-85-5 C20H28O5 348.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 16-Kaurene-2,6,15-triol 53452-32-7 C20H32O3 320.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 16-Nor-15-oxodehydroabietic acid 200813-31-6    
Diterpenoids 16-Nor-7,15-dioxodehydroabietic acid 120591-53-9    
Diterpenoids 16-O-Acetyldarutigenol 1188282-01-0 C22H36O4 364.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 18-Nor-4,15-dihydroxyabieta-8,11,13-trien-7-one 213329-46-5 C19H26O3 302.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 18-Norabieta-8,11,13- triene-4,15-diol 203455-81-6 C19H28O2 288.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 18-Norabieta-8,11,13-trien-4-ol 22478-65-5 C19H28O 272.4 Oil
Diterpenoids 19-Hydroxybaccatin III 78432-78-7 C31H38O12 602.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 19-Nor-4-hydroxyabieta-8,11,13-trien-7-one 57906-31-7 C19H26O2 286.4 Oil
Diterpenoids 1-Hydroxybaccatin I 30244-37-2 C32H44O14 652.7 Cryst.
Diterpenoids 2,16,19-Kauranetriol 2-O- beta-D-allopyranoside 195723-38-7 C26H44O8 484.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,16-Kauranediol 34302-37-9 C20H34O2 306.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,16-Kauranediol 2-O-beta-D-allopyranoside 474893-07-7 C26H44O7 468.6 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,4,6,6-Tetramethyl-3(6H)-pyridinone 203524-64-5 C9H13NO 151.2 Liquid
Diterpenoids 2,5,14-Triacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-8,15-dihydroxy-7-isobutyroyloxy-9-nicotinoyloxyjatropha-6(17),11E-diene 210108-87-5 C43H53NO14 807.9 Cryst.
Diterpenoids 2,5,7,14-Tetraacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-8,15-dihydroxy-9-nicotinoyloxyjatropha-6(17),11E-diene 210108-89-7 C41H49NO14 779.8 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,5,7,8,9,14-Hexaacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-15- hydroxyjatropha-6(17),11E-diene 210108-86-4 C39H50O15 758.8 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,5,9,14-Tetraacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-8,15-dihydroxy-7-isobutyroyloxyjatropha-6(17),11E-diene 210108-88-6 C39H52O14 744.8 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,6,16-Kauranetriol 41530-90-9 C20H34O3 322.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 2,6,16-Kauranetriol 2-O-beta-D-allopyranoside 195735-16-1    
Diterpenoids 2,7-Dideacetoxytaxinine J 115810-14-5    
Diterpenoids 20-Deoxocarnosol 94529-97-2    
Diterpenoids 20-Deoxyingenol 54706-99-9 C20H28O4 332.43 White Powder
Diterpenoids 20-Deoxyingenol 3-angelate 75567-38-3    
Diterpenoids 20-O-Acetylingenol-3-angelate 82425-35-2 C27H36O7 472.57 Powder
Diterpenoids 2-Acetoxy-3-deacetoxycaesaldekarin E 18326-06-2    
Diterpenoids 2beta-Hydroxykolavelool 221466-42-8    
Diterpenoids 2-Deacetoxytaxinine B 191547-12-3 C35H42O9 606.7 Powder
Diterpenoids 2-Deacetoxytaxinine J 119347-14-7    
Diterpenoids 2-Oxokolavelool 221466-41-7    
Diterpenoids 2-Oxokolavenol 130395-82-3    
Diterpenoids 3(20)-Phytene-1,2-diol 438536-34-6    
Diterpenoids 3,10-Dihydroxydielmentha-5,11-diene-4,9-dione 106623-23-8    
Diterpenoids 3,5,7,15-Tetraacetoxy-9-nicotinoyloxy-6(17),11-jatrophadien-14-one 244277-75-6    
Diterpenoids 3-Acetoxy-8(17),13E-labdadien-15-oic Acid 63399-37-1 C22H34O4 362.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 3alpha-Angeloyloxypterokaurene L3 79406-11-4    
Diterpenoids 3alpha-Cinnamoyloxypterokaurene L3 79406-13-6    
Diterpenoids 4beta-Carboxy-19-nortotarol 55102-39-1    
Diterpenoids 4-Epicommunic Acid 83945-57-7 C20H30O2 302.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 5,8,9,10,14-Pentaacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-15-hydroxypepluane 210108-91-1 C37H48O13 700.8 Powder
Diterpenoids 5,8,9,14-Tetraacetoxy-3-benzoyloxy-10,15-dihydroxypepluane 219916-77-5    
Diterpenoids 6alpha,16,18-Trihydroxycleroda-3,13-dien-15,16-olide 1017233-48-5    
Diterpenoids 6alpha-Hydroxycleroda-3,13-dien-16,15-olid-18-oic acid 771493-42-6    
Diterpenoids 6alpha-Hydroxynidorellol 70387-38-1    
Diterpenoids 6-Epidemethylesquirolin D 165074-00-0 C20H28O5 348.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 6-O-Nicotinoylbarbatin C 1015776-92-7 C26H31NO6 453.5 Oil
Diterpenoids 6-O-Nicotinoylscutebarbatine G 1206805-30-2    
Diterpenoids 7,13-Dideacetyl-9,10-didebenzoyltaxchinin C 156497-25-5    
Diterpenoids 7,15-Dihydroxypodocarp-8(14)-en-13-one 262355-96-4 C17H26O3 278.4 Powder
Diterpenoids 7alpha,15-Dihydroxydehydroabietic acid 155205-64-4    
Diterpenoids 7-Deacetoxytaxinine J 18457-45-9    
Diterpenoids 7-Epi-10-deacetylcephalomannine 78479-12-6    
Diterpenoids 7-Epi-10-deacetyltaxol 78454-17-8    
Diterpenoids 7-Hydroxydarutigenol 1188281-99-3 C20H34O4 338.5 Powder
Diterpenoids 7-O-Acetylbonducellpin C 197781-86-5    
Diterpenoids 7-O-Acetylneocaesalpin N 1309079-08-0