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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Coumarins (-)-Heraclenol 139079-42-8    
Coumarins (-)-Praeruptorin A 14017-71-1    
Coumarins (-)-Praeruptorin B 4970-26-7    
Coumarins (3R)-Hydrangenol 8-O-Glucoside Pentaacetate 113270-98-7 C31H32O14 628.6 Powder
Coumarins (3S)-Hydrangenol 8-O- Glucoside Pentaacetate 113270-99-8 C31H32O14 628.6 Powder
Coumarins 1,3-Dihydroxy-4-methoxy-10-methylacridin-9(10H)-one 1189362-86-4 C15H13NO4 271.3 Yellow solid
Coumarins 12-Oxocalanolide A 161753-49-7    
Coumarins 2-(1-Hydroxy-1-methylethyl)-4-methoxy-7H-furo[3,2-g][1]benzopyran-7-one 54087-32-0 C15H14O5 274.3 Powder
Coumarins 4,6,7-Trimethoxy-5-methylcoumarin 62615-63-8 C13H14O5 250.3 Yellow powder
Coumarins 4-Methylumbelliferone 90-33-5    
Coumarins 5,6,7,8-Tetramethoxycoumarin 56317-15-8 C13H14O6 266.3 Oil
Coumarins 5,7,8-Trimethoxycoumarin 60796-65-8 C12H12O5 236.2 Oil
Coumarins 6,7,8-Trimethoxycoumarin 6035-49-0 C12H12O5 236.2 Cryst.
Coumarins 6',7'-Dihydroxybergamottin 264234-05-1    
Coumarins 6',7'-Dihydroxybergamottin acetonide 684217-08-1    
Coumarins 6'-Hydroxy-7'-ethoxybergamottin N/A C23H28O6 400.5 Powder
Coumarins 6-Hydroxy-7-methoxycoumarin 776-86-3 C10H8O4 192.17 Powder
Coumarins 7,2',4'-Trihydroxy-5-methoxy-3-phenylcoumarin 1092952-62-9    
Coumarins 7-Geranyloxy-5-methoxycoumarin 1432075-68-7    
Coumarins 7-Geranyloxy-6-methoxycoumarin 28587-43-1 C20H24O4 328.4 Powder
Coumarins 7-Hydroxy-3-prenylcoumarin 86654-26-4 C14H14O3 230.3 Solid
Coumarins 7-Hydroxy-6-methoxy-3-prenylcoumarin 299159-90-3 C15H16O4 260.3 Oil
Coumarins 7-Hydroxycoumarin-6-carboxylic Acid 833-52-3 C10H6O5 206.2 Powder
Coumarins 7'-O-Ethylmarmin N/A C21H28O5 360.5 Oil
Coumarins 8-(1-Chloro-2-hydroxy-3-methyl-but-3-enyl)-7-methoxychromen-2-one 131652-35-2 C15H15ClO4 294.7 Powder
Coumarins 8-(3-Ethoxy-2-hydroxy-3-methylbutyl)-7-methoxycoumarin 125072-68-6 C17H22O5 306.4 Oil
Coumarins 8-(6-Hydroperoxy-3,7-dimethyl-2,7-octadienyloxy)psoralen 151121-39-0 C21H22O6 370.4 Oil
Coumarins 8-(7-Hydroxy-3,7-dimethyl-2,5-octadienyloxy)psoralen 144398-34-5 C21H22O5 354.4 Oil
Coumarins 8-Geranyloxy-5,7-dimethoxycoumarin 1228175-65-2    
Coumarins 8-Geranyloxypsoralen 7437-55-0 C21H22O4 338.4 Cryst.
Coumarins 8-Hydroxy-5-O-beta-D-glucopyranosylpsoralen 425680-98-4 C17H16O10 380.3 Powder
Coumarins Acetyldihydromicromelin A 94285-22-0 C17H16O7 332.3 Cryst.
Coumarins Agrimonolide 21499-24-1    
Coumarins Agrimonolide 6-O-glucoside 126223-29-8    
Coumarins Angelicin 523-50-2 C11H6O3 186.2 Powder
Coumarins Apterin 53947-89-0    
Coumarins Artanin 96917-26-9 C16H18O5 290.3 Cryst.
Coumarins Auraptene 495-02-3 C19H22O3 298.4 Powder
Coumarins Auraptenol 1221-43-8    
Coumarins Bergapten 484-20-8 C12H8O4 216.2 Powder
Coumarins Bergaptol 486-60-2    
Coumarins Braylin 6054-10-0 C15H14O4 258.3 Oil
Coumarins Byakangelicin 482-25-7    
Coumarins Calanolide E 142566-61-8    
Coumarins Calycanthoside 483-91-0 C17H20O10 384.3 Powder
Coumarins Casegravol 74474-76-3    
Coumarins Cedrelopsin 19397-28-5    
Coumarins cis-Dehydroosthol 109741-40-4    
Coumarins cis-Methylkhellactone 20107-13-5    
Coumarins Citropten 487-06-9    
Coumarins Columbianadin 5058-13-9 C19H20O5 328.36 Powder
Coumarins Columbianetin 3804-70-4 C14H14O4 246.26 Powder
Coumarins Columbianetin Acetate 23180-65-6 C16H16O5 288.29 Powder
Coumarins Coumestrol 479-13-0    
Coumarins Coumurrayin 17245-25-9 C16H18O4 274.3 Powder
Coumarins Daphnoretin 2034-69-7    
Coumarins Demethoxyyangonin 15345-89-8 C14H12O3 228.24 Powder
Coumarins Demethylsuberosin 21422-04-8    
Coumarins Dihydrokavain 587-63-3 C14H16O3 232.27 Powder
Coumarins Dihydromethysticin 19902-91-1 C15H16O5 276.28 Powder
Coumarins Dihydromicromelin B 94285-06-0 C15H14O6 290.3 Powder
Coumarins Edgeworin 120028-43-5    
Coumarins Erythrocentauric acid 90921-13-4    
Coumarins Erythrocentaurin 50276-98-7    
Coumarins Evodosin A 1291053-38-7    
Coumarins Excavatin M 250293-31-3 C19H20O7 360.4 Powder
Coumarins Fraxetin 574-84-5 C10H8O5 208.17 Powder
Coumarins Fraxidin 525-21-3 C11H10O5 222.2 Powder
Coumarins Fraxin 524-30-1 C16H18O10 370.31 Powder
Coumarins Fraxinol 486-28-2 C11H10O5 222.2 Powder
Coumarins Glycycoumarin 94805-82-0    
Coumarins Glycyrin 66056-18-6    
Coumarins Glycyrol 23013-84-5    
Coumarins Hainanmurpanin 95360-22-8 C17H18O6 318.3 Oil
Coumarins Heraclenin 2880-49-1 C16H14O5 286.3 Powder
Coumarins Heraclenol 31575-93-6 C16H16O6 304.3 Powder
Coumarins Heraclenol 3'-O-beta-D-apiofuranosyl-(1->6)-beta-D-glucopyranoside 765316-44-7    
Coumarins Heraclenol 3'-O-beta-D-glucopyranoside 32207-10-6 C22H26O11 466.4 Powder
Coumarins Heraclenol Acetonide 64790-68-7 C19H20O6 344.4 Powder
Coumarins Hydrangenol 480-47-7 C15H12O4 256.3 Powder
Coumarins Hydrangenol 8-O-Glucoside 67600-94-6 C21H22O9 418.4 Powder
Coumarins Hyuganin D 77331-76-1    
Coumarins Imperatorin 482-44-0 C16H14O4 270.3 Cryst.
Coumarins Isodaphnoretin B 944824-29-7    
Coumarins Isofraxidin 486-21-5 C11H10O5 222.19 Powder
Coumarins Isogosferol 53319-52-1 C16H14O5 286.3 Powder
Coumarins Isoimperatorin 482-45-1 C16H14O4 70.28 Oil
Coumarins Isomeranzin 1088-17-1 C15H16O4 260.3 Powder
Coumarins Isomexoticin 88585-86-8 C16H20O6 308.3 Powder
Coumarins Isomurralonginol acetate 139115-59-6    
Coumarins Isopimpinellin 482-27-9 C13H10O5 246.2 Yellow powder
Coumarins Isopsoralen 523-50-2 C11H6O3 186.16 Oil
Coumarins Isosaxalin 55481-86-2 C16H15ClO5 322.7 Powder
Coumarins Kavain 3155-48-4 C14H14O3 230.26 Oily Powder
Coumarins Khellactone 24144-61-4    
Coumarins Lansiumarin A 205115-73-7 C21H20O5 352.4 Oil
Coumarins Lansiumarin C 205115-75-9 C21H22O5 354.4 Oil
Coumarins Marmin 14957-38-1    
Coumarins Marmin acetonide 320624-68-8    
Coumarins Mellein 480-33-1