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  • Molecular Formula - Expressed as CtHxNyOwSz where t, x, y, w, z represent, respectively, the integer corresponding to the number of atoms of that element in the Molecular Formula, for example: C22H32NO2.

Note that, as with a term that is part of the chemical name, e.g., acid as discussed above, you can alternatively enter a truncation of the chemical formula, e.g., NO2, or a truncation of the CAS Number, e.g., -32.

Note, however, that you cannot simultaneously execute a search using two or more truncated terms, e.g. you cannot search for a truncated CAS Number and a truncated chemical name and/or truncated molecular formula. Thus, specifying -32 and NO2 will not return any results even if there is a compound with -32 in the CAS Number and NO2 in the formula.

In addition to searching, you can also filter your results by chemical class by selecting a chemical class from the pull-down. For example, type acid in the search box and then select Lipids from the pull-down to find all Lipid compounds that have acid as part of their name. If you leave the Search Box empty, you can use the chemical class filter to find all compounds in a class.

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Rare Phytochemical ClassCompoundCAS NumberChemical StructureMolecular FormulaMolecular WeightDescriptionRequest a Quote
Alkaloids (-)-Corlumine 79082-64-7    
Alkaloids (-)-Curine 436-05-5 C36H38N2O6 594.7 Powder
Alkaloids (-)-Dicentrine 28832-07-7 C20H21NO4 339.39 Powder
Alkaloids (-)-N-Methylsedridine 41447-15-8 C9H19NO 157.3 Oil
Alkaloids (-)-Salsoline 89-31-6 C11H15NO2 193.24 Powder
Alkaloids (+)-Bicuculline 485-49-4    
Alkaloids (+)-Catechin 154-23-4 C15H14O6 290.27 Powder
Alkaloids (+)-Corynoline 18797-79-0 C21H21NO5 367.4 Powder
Alkaloids (+)-Isocorynoline 475-67-2 C20H23NO4 341.4 Powder
Alkaloids (+)-Lupanine 550-90-3 C15H24N2O 248.37 Powder
Alkaloids (+)-N-Methylallosedridine 41447-16-9 C9H19NO 157.3 Oil
Alkaloids (+/-)-Salsolidine 5784-74-7 C12H17NO2 207.27 Powder
Alkaloids (16R)-Dihydrositsirikine 6519-26-2 C21H28N2O3 356.5 Powder
Alkaloids (16R)-Dihydrositsirikine 6519-26-2 C21H28N2O3 356.5 Powder
Alkaloids (16R)-E-Isositsirikine 6519-27-3    
Alkaloids (Z)-1-Methyl-2-(undec-6-enyl)quinolin-4(1H)-one 120693-49-4    
Alkaloids (Z)-Akuammidine 113973-31-2 C21H24N2O3 352.4 Cryst.
Alkaloids 1-(3,4-Dimethoxybenzyl)-6,7-dimethoxyisoquinoline Hydrochloride 61-25-6 C20H21NO4 375.85 Powder
Alkaloids 1-(3,4-Dimethoxycinnamoyl)piperidine 128261-84-7    
Alkaloids 1-(4-Methoxycinnamoyl)pyrrole 736140-70-8    
Alkaloids 1,2-Methylenedioxy-3,10,11-trimethoxynoraporphine 14050-90-9    
Alkaloids 1,3-Dihydroxy-4-methoxy-10-methylacridin-9(10H)-one 1189362-86-4 C15H13NO4 271.3 Yellow solid
Alkaloids 1,4-Dihydro-1,2-dimethyl-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic Acid 73281-83-1 C12H11NO3 217.2 Powder
Alkaloids 1,4-Dihydro-1,2-dimethyl-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic Acid 73281-83-1 C12H11NO3 217.2 Powder
Alkaloids 10- Hydroxydihydroperaksine 451478-47-0 C19H24N2O3 328.4 Powder
Alkaloids 10-Acetoxyscandine N/A C23H24N2O5 408.5 Powder
Alkaloids 10-Acetoxyscandine 1432058-90-6    
Alkaloids 10-Hydroxy-16-epiaffinine 82513-70-0    
Alkaloids 10-Hydroxyneoline 132362-42-6    
Alkaloids 10-Hydroxyscandine 119188-47-5 C21H22N2O4 366.4 Powder
Alkaloids 11,12-De(methylenedioxy)- danuphylline 888482-17-5 C23H26N2O6 426.5 Cryst.
Alkaloids 11-Hydroxycodaphniphylline 1186496-68-3 C30H47NO4 485.7 Powder
Alkaloids 11-Hydroxygelsenicine 1195760-68-9    
Alkaloids 11-Hydroxyhumantenine 122590-04-9    
Alkaloids 11-Hydroxyrankinidine 122590-03-8    
Alkaloids 11-Hydroxytabersonine 22149-28-6 C21H24N2O3 352.4 Powder
Alkaloids 11-Methoxyuncarine C 61665-08-5 C22H26N2O5 398.5 Powder
Alkaloids 14,15-Didehydroisoeburnamine 50838-11-4 C19H22N2O 294.4 Powder
Alkaloids 14,15-Didehydrovincamenine 112219-48-4 C19H20N2 276.4 Oil
Alkaloids 14-Benzoylneoline 99633-05-3    
Alkaloids 16-Epikoumidine 124096-81-7    
Alkaloids 16-Epinormacusine B 126640-98-0    
Alkaloids 16-Epivoacarpine 114027-38-2    
Alkaloids 16-O-Methyl-14,15-didehydroisovincanol 112237-71-5 C20H24N2O 308.4 Powder
Alkaloids 16-Oxoprometaphanine 58738-31-1 C20H23NO6 373.4 Powder
Alkaloids 19(S)-Hydroxyconopharyngine 16790-93-5    
Alkaloids 19,20-(E)-Vallesamine 3368-87-4 C20H24N2O3 340.4 Powder
Alkaloids 1-Cinnamoyl-3-hydroxypyrrolidine 1344876-77-2    
Alkaloids 1-Cinnamoylpyrrole 252248-89-8    
Alkaloids 1-Cinnamoylpyrrolidine 52438-21-8    
Alkaloids 1H-Indole-3-carboxylic Acid 771-50-6 C9H7NO2 161.2 Powder
Alkaloids 1-Hydroxycanthin-6-one 80787-59-3 C14H8N2O2 236.2 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 1-Hydroxyrutaecarpine 53600-24-1 C18H13N3O2 303.3 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 1-Methoxycarbonyl-beta-carboline 3464-66-2 C13H10N2O2 226.2 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 1-Methoxyindole-3-carboxylic acid 91913-76-7    
Alkaloids 1-Methyl-2-heptyl-4(1H)-quinolinone 80554-58-1 C17H23NO 257.4 Powder
Alkaloids 1-Methyl-2-nonylquinolin-4(1H)-one 68353-24-2    
Alkaloids 1-Methyl-2-pentyl-4(1H)-quinolinone 22048-98-2 C15H19NO 229.3 Powder
Alkaloids 1-Methyl-2-undecylquinolin-4(1H)-one 59443-02-6    
Alkaloids 2-(1H-Indole-3-carboxamido)benzoic acid 171817-95-1    
Alkaloids 2-(4-Hydroxy-2-oxoindolin-3-yl)acetonitrile 1380540-77-1    
Alkaloids 2,4,6,6-Tetramethyl-3(6H)-pyridinone 203524-64-5 C9H13NO 151.2 Liquid
Alkaloids 2,7-Dihydrohomoerysotrine 51095-85-3 C20H27NO3 329.4 Oil
Alkaloids 2,7-Dihydroxy-2H-1,4- benzoxazin-3(4H)-one 69804-59-7 C8H7NO4 181.1 Powder
Alkaloids 2-Ethyl-2,6,6-trimethylpiperidin-4-one 133568-79-3    
Alkaloids 3-(4-Methoxyphenyl)-1-(pyrrol-1-yl)propan-1-one 448905-82-6    
Alkaloids 3,4-Dimethoxybenzamide 1521-41-1    
Alkaloids 3alpha,6beta-Ditigloyloxytropan-7beta-ol 7159-86-6    
Alkaloids 3-Chloro-4-hydroxypiperidin-2-one 174204-83-2    
Alkaloids 3'-Demethoxypiplartine 130263-10-4    
Alkaloids 3-Epiwilsonine 39024-15-2    
Alkaloids 3-Furfuryl-2-pyrrolecarboxylate 119767-00-9 C10H9NO3 191.2 Oil
Alkaloids 3-Hydroxy-3-acetonyloxindole 33417-17-3    
Alkaloids 3'-Hydroxyrocaglamide 189322-67-6 C29H31NO8 521.6 Powder
Alkaloids 3-Hydroxysarpagine 857297-90-6    
Alkaloids 3'-Methoxyrocaglamide 189322-69-8 C30H33NO8 535.6 Powder
Alkaloids 3-Methyl-9H-carbazol-2-ol 24224-30-4    
Alkaloids 3-Phenyl-1-(pyrrol-1-yl)propan-1-one 112448-69-8    
Alkaloids 4,5-Dimethoxycanthin-6-one 18110-87-7 C16H12N2O3 280.3 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 4,R-Ajmalicine N-oxide 41590-29-8 C21H24N2O4 368.4 Powder
Alkaloids 4'-Demethoxypiperlotine C 807372-38-9    
Alkaloids 4-Hydroxycephalotaxine 84567-08-8 C18H21NO5 331.4 Powder
Alkaloids 4-Methoxy-1-methoxycarbonyl-beta-carboline 60807-25-2 C14H12N2O3 256.3 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 4-Methoxy-1-methylquinolin-2-one 32262-18-3    
Alkaloids 5,6-Dihydropyridin-2(1H)-one 6052-73-9    
Alkaloids 5-Hydroxy-2-pyrrolidinone 62312-55-4 C4H7NO2 101.1 Powder
Alkaloids 5-Hydroxy-4-methoxycanthin-6-one 18110-86-6 C15H10N2O3 266.3 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 5-Hydroxytryptamine Hydrochloride 153-98-0 C10H12N2O 196.68 Powder
Alkaloids 5-Hydroxytryptophan 4350-09-8    
Alkaloids 5'-S-Methyl-5'-thioadenosine 2457-80-9    
Alkaloids 6- Acetonyldihydrochelerythrine 22864-92-2 C24H23NO5 405.5 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 6- Acetonyldihydrosanguinarine 37687-34-6 C23H19NO5 389.4 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 6-Acetonyl-N-methyl- dihydrodecarine 1253740-09-8 C23H21NO5 391.4 Yellow powder
Alkaloids 6-Ethoxychelerythrine 79559-55-0 C23H23NO5 393.43 Powder
Alkaloids 7beta-Hydroxyrutaecarpine 163815-35-8    
Alkaloids 7-Hydroxyaristolochic Acid A 79185-75-4 C17H11NO8 357.27 Powder
Alkaloids 7-Isopentenyloxy-gamma-fagarine 23417-92-7 C18H19NO4 313.4 Yellow powder
Alkaloids Acehytisine 1394-48-5 C24H31NO6 429.51 Powder
Alkaloids Acetamide 60-35-5    
Alkaloids Acetylcephalotaxine 24274-60-0 C20H23NO5 357.4 Powder