Wilshire Technologies presents its latest Library of Rare Phytochemicals. This second edition of our catalogue contains over 4,000 rare phytochemicals. As part of our mission to be a leading supplier of rare phytochemicals we have expanded our portfolio of Alkaloids, Cerebrosides, Chalcones, Coumarins, Diterpenoids, Flavonoids, Iridoids, Lignans, Phenols, Phenylpropanoids, Polyphenols, Quinones, Sesquiterpenoids, Steroids, Terpenes, Triterpenoids, Xanthones and Miscellaneous phytochemicals. 

This new library will provide a quick overview of all these categories and entries.  Regardless of whether your needs are quality control or R&D, our Library is organized for easy searching and rapid updating as new products become available.

Access is convenient and immediate.  Click on the link below:

Rare Phytochemicals Library

Although our library is quite extensive, it is certainly not exhaustive. For this reason, if you do not find the phytochemical for which you are looking, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a custom request. We will make every possible effort to meet your needs. Our worldwide network of partners offers us access to many “off-the-radar” products. When needed, we can also custom isolate a requested substance in our fully equipped laboratory facilities.

Services include:

  • Sourcing and validation of plant material and plant extracts
  • Quantification of Phytochemical target molecules
  • Extraction of plant material
  • Isolation and chemical modification of targeted phytochemical compounds
  • Scale-up from mg g Kg MT
  • Impurity profiling

All Rare Phytochemicals are delivered with:

A certificate of analysis usually including the structural formula, molecular formula, molecular weight, CAS registry number (if available), and a certified content concluded from chromatographic and spectral (1H-, 13C-NMR, MS) analysis.

Our mission is to provide a reliable source for the high-purity Rare Phytochemicals, quickly and efficiently.